System Integrator

Providing solutions by referring to "world best practices" to help each customer optimize IT solutions, taking into account the aspects of cost, deadline, and work effectiveness. Solutions in the form of professional services in designing, building, running, and maintaining customer IT infrastructure and security

Managed Service

IT as a service for the provision of IT equipment with a total solution as a whole, from procurement, installation, monitoring to including maintenance with the support of experienced, skilled and professional technical personnel. Users get the benefits of full use of the device, without thinking about investment costs, maintenance and technical resources, all handled by the provider,therefore, users can focus on their core business without being burdened with device problems

Technical Services

Provision of skilled information technology workers in supporting customer & operations, including: programmer, technical support, operator, helpdesk, implementer

Platform as a Services

Provide and fully manage to make it easier for customers to create or use software applications using existing platforms such as Application Program Interfaces (API), banking, financial and email infrastructure and other platforms.

Merchant Aggregator

Provide cooperation services with traders (Merchant Management), which can process electronic money data published by other parties. Merchant client business management with the concept of being an acquisition merchant and in the future becoming a payment gateway merchant.

Other Services

  • Software House
  • Marketplace
  • Consultant