System Integrator

1. Infrastructure:

Providing solutions by referring to "world best practices" to help each customer optimize IT solutions, taking into account the aspects of cost, deadline, and work effectiveness. Solutions in the form of professional services in designing, building, running, and maintaining customer IT infrastructure and security.

2. IT Security :

Privileged Access Management or PAM, software that helps an organization or company to maintain full control and visibility over their most critical systems and data. A PAM solution that ensures that all user’s actions, including those taken by privileged users, are monitored and auditable in the event of a security breach. This application can be integrated with third party products such as SIEM, Multi Factor Authentication, Network Monitoring

3. Security Data Center:

Automated hybrid cloud security to protect VMware deployments across servers, VDIs and private clouds.Fast and flexible monitoring with automatic scanning of new VMs and security recommendations. Improved visibility to quickly and easily monitor real-time security events.

4. IoT (Internet of Things):

Security solutions supported by devices that are integrated with the internet network. Utilization of this network allows remote, efficient, accurate and recorded control and control, such as surveillance systems and Access Doors.